From the Communities to the Capitol

Olivia Kim (left) is as a student ambassador at the University of Washington. 

As a student of color, a future educator and a future mother, I believe that access to exceptional, equitable education should be a basic right in the great nation of the U.S. That’s why I became a Student Ambassador and the Officer of Public Relations at the University of Washington for Save the Children Action Network (SCAN).

Through my time with SCAN, I have gained first-hand experience working with local communities, advocates, lawmakers and politicians. In fact just recently, I was able to serve as the political voice for kids at a local town hall meeting in Seattle with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.

I felt immense pride and joy in preparation for the town hall meeting with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal. I presented the collection of handwritten letters to the Congresswoman, which consisted of

I enjoy meeting with local lawmakers because I believe in the immense potential of children. Yet there is a gap between certain groups, communities and larger structures due to a history of inequality. It is urgent that we end that cycle and help more children across the U.S. have a fair shot at a successful future.

Fortunately, through my work with SCAN I’ve engaged with local andcommunities to raise awareness for early childhood education. I’ve shared SCAN’s vision for children and gathered signatures and handwritten letters in support of early education. I’ve also encouraged students, teachers and neighbors to advocate for education. All of the early morning cafe-hopping and late-night rounds at UW libraries has been worth it if we’re successfully building a stronger voice for kids!

I was thankful to be given the opportunity to receive a high-quality early childhood education that led me to receiving higher education. I know that it holds the power to impact and shape an individual. As a living testament of success through education, I’m happy to work to reinforce SCAN’s core value of education as a basic human right.

If you also believe that every child deserves quality education, please join me in this work. Together, we will make a powerful impact!

Learn how you can be a voice for kids, or join us at our on-campus SCAN club at SCAN: UW!  

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Olivia Kim is a Save the Children Action Network, SCAN, student ambassador and junior at the University of Washington. She is a college student, educator, and visionary for improving access to high-quality early education for all children.