Elections Made Easy: Taking the Guesswork Out of Voting

November has always been my favorite month for the many wonderful things it brings: cooler temperatures, Thanksgiving and even my birthday!  But as I’ve grown as an advocate, I’ve learned that every two years the best part of November is Election Day. On Election Day, we get to make a difference for our towns, our states and of course, our country.

Voting is our chance to give the thumbs up or thumbs down to different ideas, policies, leaders and parties. But for some people, the idea of voting seems too daunting or difficult— there are so many logistics to nail down. How to I register to vote? Where can I vote? What if I’m away on Election Day?

To make it easier for everyone to have a voice, Save the Children Action Network created a couple of tools to take the guesswork out of voting. Whether you’re a veteran voter who knows the polls like the back of your hand or whether this is your first rodeo, these nifty tools will help ensure you cast your vote in the midterms.

TurboVote: Not registered to vote? Registered but unsure of your voting location or need to learn more about absentee voting? TurboVote is here to help. Using this step-by-step guide, you can see if you’re registered to vote (and register if you are not), sign up for voting reminders and learn more about voting in your state. A few minutes are all you need to take the mystery out of registration!  

Make your Voting Plan: Now that you are registered to vote and have all of the information you need about your specific state, how do you make sure you’ll actually follow through and vote? One word: accountability. This quick form will help you plan out how you’re getting to the polls, where you’re going, what time and your method of voting (mail/in person). Once you’ve filled the form, you’ll get your customized plan emailed right to you! Easy.

We all have different reasons for wanting to get to the polls this November. I vote because truly, I want to see a world where all kids are given a fair, fighting chance to start their lives in the strongest, healthiest environment. I don’t want moms to die during labor and I don’t want kids to die from preventable diseases. I want all kids to have access to a high-quality early childhood education. I vote because I know my voice means there’s one more person standing up for kids in my neighborhood and kids around the world. I also vote because I have absolutely nothing to lose and a world of wonderful things to gain.

We all want to see a brighter world. If you’re ready to make a difference, then please register and make a plan to vote.

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Jessica Lach is Save the Children Action Network’s Digital Campaign Manager based in DC. She is passionate to work for moms and kids all over the world and is proud of her previous work advocating for those in need. She also loves her mutt, Toby!