Celebrating SCAN moms

Every year on Mother’s Day, we get to celebrate the amazing moms in our lives. But if you grew up in a house like mine, you always heard your mom saying something like, “every day is Mother’s day!” Words can’t express how grateful I am for my mother and everything she’s done to raise her two kids in a home filled with love, kindness and respect. She embodies compassion and care. And, while she always wants the best for us, we want the best for her!

Like my mom, there are mothers around the world who are putting their kids first, making sure they have a bright future filled with incredible opportunities. Luckily, I’m surrounded by so many powerful and inspirational moms in my family, community and at work! All of these superstar moms deserve the spotlight each and every day, but today, I’m highlighting a few of the wonderful Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) moms who are leading by example.

Let’s hear from them to learn what Mother’s Day means to them and the advice they have for future generations.

Annalise Romoser, Colorado

Annalise with one of her daughters.

Annalise is a mother of two girls. She appreciates Mother’s Day for how it’s been harnessed by female leaders throughout history. Her ideal way to spend Mother’s Day is by spending it with family. She appreciates the hard-work women and caregivers around the world are doing to make the world a better place.

Her advice to her kids: “The best fights are hard and long…Recognize what you have. Learn from others. Always seek solutions and make loads of friends in the process.”


Diana Onken, Illinois

Diana and her family.

Diana is a mother of two girls who were born social justice activists! Both daughters are involved in tons of local community actions, much like their mom. J Every Mother’s Day, Diana is reminded of her own mother who she tries to exemplify.  This year’s unique situation helped crystalize her hopes and dreams for the future of all children, which is to have them live in a world that’s happy, healthy and safe.

Her message to all the moms and caregivers: “Be kind to yourself during this pandemic and always. Loving your children – and telling them that often – is the most important thing of all.”




Lindsay Hanson, New Hampshire

Lindsay and her daughter.

Lindsay is a new mom to a baby girl. Since becoming a mom, Mother’s Day reminds her to be grateful and show appreciation for the women who raised her including her mom, grandmother and sister. Her hope for kids around the world is that they never feel the need to make excuses for their brilliance or hide their potential.

Her advice to her daughter: “I will remind her that she is smart, thoughtful, empathetic and strong.  There is nothing she can’t accomplish or achieve.”  





Deborah DePaoli, South Carolina

Deborah and her kids.

Deborah is a mother to a son and daughter. She encourages her kids to take advantage of opportunities and advocate by meeting with elected officials and candidates. Her hope for the future is that kids have the support and protection they need to thrive. Her ideal Mother’s Day is spent having a nice meal with her family and her mom.

Her advice to mothers and caregivers: “Be compassionate with yourself in your struggles (we all have them) and celebrate your moments of connection and accomplishment.”


Jessica Galvez, Washington State

Jessica and her kids.

Jessica is a mom of two – a son and daughter. Motherhood has transformed her life. In fact, she says it’s hard to remember what life was like before kids. Mother’s Day is a day she celebrates the many ways her kids have supported her and brought strength to her. Her favorite part about Mother’s Day is creating new memories. Her hope is that her kids continue to be resilient and confident!

Her advice to mothers and caregivers: “Mom’s and caregivers need support; it is crucial to cherish the love and support of those that surround you.”


At the end of the day, all moms want what’s best for their kids. Although this will be a different Mother’s Day, we hope each mom and caregiver gets to celebrate. Let’s give it up to all the wonderful moms out there!