…But What Can You Do?

I was writing down my daily to-do list when I noticed the date. Somehow, as if in a time warp, I realized that I’d been working at Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) for six months. 

Part of the reason it startled me is that I feel as if I just started, yet when I look back on everything this team has accomplished in that small time span, it feels like years. While I’ve been here, SCAN has:

I worked in the international development sector prior to this position, so I was very familiar with Save the Children and its work when I applied for this role at SCAN. I’d worked on indirect lobbying efforts, but this was my first opportunity to participate in direct advocacy. It was also my first experience working with domestic issues.

I had no idea how inspiring and energizing it would be.

Every day, I see students—ranging in age from high school to college—building support for our issues in their schools through clubs, tabling events and social media outreach. I see adults who volunteer their time to lobby federal, state and local lawmakers on issues that impact children. I see my coworkers’ ceaseless devotion to protecting and advocating for effective policies. And I see how all of this, collectively, works.

Too often, we hear people say that they’re overwhelmed by the amount of need and suffering at home and around the world. They want to help, to make a difference. But what can they do? Each of us is only one person, after all.

After working here, I know one voice can make a difference. It can make all the difference! One more call to a legislator, one more conversation with our local school board member, one more signature in support of vital programming—it all adds up to so much more. It’s the layers of individual voices that make our collective impact strong. 

Now when people ask “but what can I do?” I know my response. Use your voice. Take action. Now more than ever, we can’t afford to be spectators on issues that matter to us.

As Eglantyne Jebb, the founder of Save the Children, said nearly 100 years ago: “Humanity owes the child the best it has to give.”

If the best you have to give is your voice and your vote, know that is more than enough.

Want to get started? Learn how you can take action with SCAN today!


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Sarah Siguenza is the Manager, Web Editor for Save the Children Action Network (SCAN). She is passionate about ensuring that every child has the opportunity to live up to their potential. Sarah previously worked for the United Nations Foundation and InterAction – the largest coalition of U.S.-based nonprofits – and is excited to use digital communications to advance SCAN’s mission.