Back to School Wednesday Wisdom

It’s back to school! This is an exciting and busy time for many families and students across the country as they get ready for another year of learning opportunities. The scramble to prepare for school means collecting school supplies, learning about the new teacher and for many families, figuring out afterschool care for their kids. Afterschool programs encourage literacy, science and math education and active time outside in high-poverty schools. However, safe and reliable afterschool options are limited, especially in rural communities, which can force families to make tough choices.

Right now, there are looming budget cuts to a program called 21st Century Community Learning Centers. This program serves 1.6 million kids! Eliminating the program would have a negative impact on families and leave them struggling to find affordable and safe afterschool options for their kids. We can’t let Congress take away afterschool care from so many kids.

Urge Congress to save afterschool programs!

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Samra Khawaja manages Save the Children Action Network’s social media. She hopes to be a voice for children around the world, one tweet and one hashtag at a time. #InvestInKids