All Across the Country, We’re Highlighting Children Impacted by War

Perhaps like you, I’m an avid listener of the news, and perhaps also like you, the situation in Syria has been a great concern of mine lately. I’m a father of two young kids, and I can’t help but think about the terrible consequences armed conflict has on children. Hundreds of thousands of children are dying every year from direct conflict and residual effects, such as disease. I wonder what I can do to help ensure that more children are blessed with the same opportunities as my children are.

Fortunately, as an employee of Save the Children Action Network, I know that many people are working tirelessly to advocate for the safety and security of these children. In fact, this past week we hosted our Stop the War on Children Week of Action to raise awareness in communities around the country and with lawmakers about the impact war has on children. Together, we called on the U.S. government to help these children remain safe, get an education and thrive.

Our SCAN volunteers organized more than 50 photo galleries and other activities nationwide to tell the stories of children affected by conflict. These stories and images vividly relayed their hardships but also showed their resiliency and hopes for the future.

And it wasn’t just the photos – our advocates were busy last week! Students set up tables on campus to collect petition signatures and volunteers met with lawmakers. Our wonderful online supporters generated more than 18,000 messages to Congress in support of a resolution that would ensure children living in conflict settings have access to safe educational spaces.

From coast to coast, we were raising awareness for the plight of these children and demanding action.

Check out our some of our great volunteers in action:

Washington State supporters organized a photo gallery at the local Vancouver Community Library. 

SCAN club members at the University of New Hampshire organized a student social where they learned about the impact of war on children and took action.

New Mexico SCAN activists met with Congresswoman Deb Haaland’s staff.


As disheartening as the news can be, this week of action also served as an important reminder that we can do a lot to help children in need.

There’s still time to add your voice!

Help Stop the War on Children today.

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Jon Wheeler is the Associate Director of Digital Campaigns for Save the Children Action Network. He has two young kids who attend a great bilingual public elementary school in Washington, DC and is working to make sure more kids around the world have similar opportunities.