Advocates who Rocked 2020!

This year rocked many of us – for obvious reasons. But here at Save the Children Action Network (SCAN), we took each challenge and made the best of it with the help of our incredible volunteers across the country. We adjusted our advocacy tactics to go online and encouraged our supporters to advocate efficiently from the comfort of their homes. 2020’s challenges didn’t stop us from making our voices heard for kids.

Our volunteers sent more than 260,000 texts to voters this year and wrote nearly 11,000 postcards to voters urging them to vote for kids. That’s not all! We also celebrated victories at the local and state levels. Without the support of our volunteers, there’s no way we could’ve made the impact we did.

Here are a just a few of our volunteers who rocked in 2020!


Rachelle Todea, Colorado

Colorado saw huge victories for kids this year and Rachelle played a major part in those wins! Earlier this year she got the chance to ask Senator Elizabeth Warren about her position on issues affecting kids while on the campaign trail. She says that experience made her see things differently. It reminded her of the importance of being an advocate and fighting for what you believe in. Moving into 2021, she’s looking forward to engaging with her legislators in her new voting district to advocate for child care.




Vineeth Narra, Illinois

As one of the founding members of the Metea Valley High School student club, Vineeth is a passionate Student Ambassador who goes above and beyond to raise his voice for kids. Going online with his advocacy this year made Vineeth realize the power of influencing and bringing communities together on social media. Not just that, but he says writing postcards to registered voters with his fellow Student Ambassadors showed him how to advocate from home.




Cathy Meyer, Iowa

To say that Cathy is one of SCAN’s MVPs is an understatement. This year she was able to attend events with all but 2 Democratic presidential candidates (living in Iowa certainly helped with that, although there were nearly two dozen candidates at one point!). While it’s been a difficult adjustment to not meet with fellow advocates in-person, Cathy remains diligent and is making the most of the tools she has to be a voice for kids. For anyone wanting to be a volunteer she says, “Know that you have what it takes! New things can be a bit scary, but know you are not alone and with practice you will soon be starting new adventures.”



Citlaly Rojo, South Carolina

As a first-generation college student in the U.S., Citlaly is motivated to make a difference for kids, especially girls around the world and children at the border. It’s important to her to help expand opportunities to girls who don’t have the resources to thrive. Next year, she’d love to see immigration reform so that children and families separated at our southern border are reunited. If you’re new to volunteering, Citlaly encourages you to step outside your comfort zone!




Ashleigh Stocton, Tennessee

Ashleigh has been volunteering with SCAN for two years and has been a remarkable member of the team ever since. This year, she’s proud to have started the East Tennessee Community Action Team in which she serves as the Community Lead. Although the pandemic changed some of the ways the team advocated for kids, they prevailed. As Ashleigh says, “If you have a passion for young children and want to see change, we must be that hero for them.”




Gabriela Villagomez Morales, Washington State

Advocates like Gabriela are inspirational. She became a volunteer with SCAN because she likes to help her community. In fact, one of the pleasant surprises for her of volunteering this year was hearing the positive feedback from folks she was able to help. She says “giving to the community is a blessing” and helping out others makes her feel good.





SCAN is so grateful for all of our rockstar volunteers! Together we can make a real difference for kids.

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