5 reasons to vote for kids

Kids wearing Save the Children shirts

Election Day is November 8. Leading up, here are five reasons why you should vote for kids at the polling booth:

1. Investing in kids strengthens our economy.

Early education benefits our country’s economy and competitiveness. Studies show that for every dollar invested in early education, there is a return of at least $7. Plus, those who receive a high-quality early education earn 50% higher income on average.

2. We must hold elected leaders accountable for votes impacting children.

Most mothers cite education reform as the next president’s top priority, according to The Shriver Report Snapshot: Insight Into The Resilient American Mother, recommending a special focus on addressing the high cost of college tuition and ensuring children have a fair chance to succeed in school.

3. Kids are a bipartisan issue.

An overwhelming percentage of Americans of all parties agree on the importance of early education. The Shriver Report found that “83% of moms are likely to support a political candidate who supported providing increased access to and improving the quality of early childhood education programs in America.” 

4. Kids can’t vote. We must be their voices.

Kids can’t vote, so some politicians think they can ignore kids’ issues. From local to state to federal elections, it’s critical to speak up for candidates who will be advocates for children and who will work to pass legislation that will pave the way for opportunities for kids.

5. Children are our best hope for a brighter future.

Research shows the majority of brain development occurs during the first five years of life. During this time, the brain develops the foundational skills children need to succeed in school and beyond. Plus, kids who benefit from early education are less likely to become teen parents, drop out of school or be arrested for violent crimes.

John F. Kennedy said, “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” We couldn’t agree more. 

Join us to start using your voice for kids today.