2020 Vision for Kids

Ah…there’s nothing that beats the feeling of the start of a New Year. Each year is a chance to recharge, kick off fresh beginnings and set new goals. Like many others, we’re out to start this New Year (and decade) strong! We know this year will be an intense one. From addressing global crises that have intensified in the last few weeks to tough battles that will determine control of Congress to who wins the White House, there are a lot of competing priorities facing our elected leaders. And through it all, we need to ensure that children are a top priority.

Here’s what our 2020 vision for kids looks like:

  • Expand access to early childhood education programs. When children are given high-quality early learning opportunities, the kids, their families and society receive a lifetime of benefits. This includes access to affordable, high-quality child care. Right now, 51% of American families live in a child care desert. A child care desert is a place where there aren’t nearly enough child care slots to meet the need. Congress needs to increase funding for Head Start and preschool and child care programs.
  • Treat migrant children with dignity. The treatment of kids and families at the U.S. southern border continues to be a stain on our national conscience. Congress needs to ensure that kids seeking safety in the U.S. are treated humanely and that their right to asylum is protected. And it must continue to work to completely end family separations.
  • Ensure girls have the opportunity to lead. Girls around the world are often not given the same opportunities as boys are to participate fully in society. Congress needs to pass the Girls Leadership, Empowerment, Agency and Development (LEAD) Act. This bill will promote girls’ civic engagement and inclusive democracy across the globe through U.S. foreign assistance.

It’s critical that our leaders fulfill these needs of kids. After all, they are our future. Investments we make in them today will benefit us all in the long-term for generations to come.

As you write your New Year’s resolution, will you commit to being a voice for kids? Together, let’s make this the most powerful year for kids yet!

Urge Congress to Invest in Kids Today!