10 reasons to support early ed


Should 3- and 4-year-olds attend preschool? Here are ten compelling reasons why high-quality early education is more than just “babysitting.”

  1. Brain Development. Research shows the majority of brain development occurs during the first five years of life. During this time, the brain develops the foundational skills children need to succeed in school and beyond.
  2. Social Competency. Social-emotional development is among the most important skills developed in early childhood programs. Children learn to get along with others, follow routines and rules, sit in a circle and more. Early childhood programs can reduce child aggression, which is highly correlated with school failure. Social competency is key to a child’s success.
  3. Boosted Math and Language Skills. Early learning boosts pre-math, literacy, language and cognitive skills.
  4. Less Addiction. Children who receive a high-quality early education are 28% less likely to develop alcohol or drug problems.
  5. Economic Benefits. Early education benefits our country’s economy and competitiveness. Those who receive a high-quality early education earn 50% higher income on average.
  6. Return on Investment. Studies show that for every dollar invested in early education, there is a return of at least $7.
  7. Delayed Parenthood. Kids who benefit from early education are less likely to become a teen parent.
  8. Less Crime. Kids who benefit from early education are 50% less likely to be arrested for a violent crime.
  9. Better School Performance. Kids who benefit from early education are more likely to be ready for kindergarten, are less likely to be placed in special education or drop out of school.
  10. Kids Deserve It! Every child deserves a strong start in life.



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