Be a Voice for Colorado’s Kids this November

Help Secure Universal Preschool in Colorado

This November, Coloradans will have a chance to secure a historic win for Colorado kids. 

Join our movement for kids. Pledge to vote YES this election on a cigarette, tobacco and nicotine products tax ballot measure to fund universal preschool in Colorado.

Vote YES on Proposition EE!

Learn More About the Initiative

Universal Pre-K Ballot Measure Fact Sheet

Learn more about the measure and why we support it. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know! 


Helping Education

Learn how it would affect education: 


Helping Early Learning

Learn how it would affect early childhood education: 


Helping the Economy

Learn how it would help businesses in Colorado.


Why Should We Invest in Early Education?

Preschool is a good investment and it is the right thing to do for kids in Colorado.

Studies show that children who receive quality early education go on to earn nearly 50% more than their peers.  Unfortunately, the current Colorado Preschool Program can only provide services to 2 out of 5 eligible children. Colorado has some of the lowest funding in the nation for early childhood education. 

We can change this. Help us win universal preschool for Colorado kids.

Please pledge to vote and join our campaign!

Help Turn Out the Vote

Write Post Cards

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Write to Colorado voters and encourage them to vote yes on universal preschool this November!

Text Bank

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Text Colorado voters. Help turn out the vote and encourage Coloradans to vote yes on universal preschool!

Submit a Letter to the Editor

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It’s important that your community understands the benefits of preschool, and sees the energy behind this measure. Publishing letters to the editor can help the measure pass!

Request a Presentation in your Community

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The more people know about the value of preschool, the better chance we have of securing universal preschool in Colorado. Request a presentation in your community or connect with us to prepare a presentation you can make.

In the News

Letters: Proposition EE

It is critical that every child grows up healthy, and with access to early learning. That is why I urge Coloradans to vote yes this November on proposition EE.

Spread the News

Social media is a great way to share content and get people involved! 

SCAN has made it easy for you to share information about Prop EE with your friends and family. 

Get creative for kids! 

We’ve created some coloring sheets to get you started.


Send a photo of your completed coloring sheet to [email protected]. We will enter all submissions into a drawing in late September and late October.

5 winners will receive prizes!