That ad praising Marco Rubio on Miami radio? It’s not for his presidential campaign

This article originally appeared in The Miami Herald.

By now, it’s become routine to note there’s a political committee or nonprofit airing ads favorable to a presidential candidate.

But the spots now airing on Miami radio in English and Spanish praising contender Marco Rubio are unrelated to his presidential campaign, according to the group that paid for them.

Save the Children Action Network crafted the ads to thank Rubio for co-sponsoring legislation in Congress aimed at reducing preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths worldwide by making the issue a top U.S. foreign-policy priority.

The Reach Every Mother and Child Act has bipartisan support but hasn’t moved in any congressional committee yet.

“Sen. Marco Rubio is fighting in Washington to end the preventable deaths of moms and kids,” the ad says. “Save the Children Action Network and its supporters in Florida applaud Marco Rubio for being a leader on children’s issues at home and abroad.”

Save the Children Action Network isn’t endorsing Rubio or any other candidate, and has released ads since August thanking the legislation’s various supporters — Republican and Democratic, including Sen. Patty Murray, D-Washington — in the House and Senate, senior communications director Brendan Daly said in an email.

“Our only intent in the presidential race is to elevate our two issues — early childhood education in the U.S. and ending maternal, newborn and child deaths overseas — so that candidates of both parties are talking about them,” Daly wrote.