Group Wants Iowans to ‘SCAN’ Candidates on Early Childhood Education


This video originally appeared on WHO TV.

DES MOINES, Iowa – One group is asking you to keep early childhood education in mind when selecting your candidate on caucus night.

Save the Children Action Network, or “SCAN,” for short, is on a state-wide campaign to get both Republicans and Democrats talking about early childhood education. SCAN has two focuses; internationally, it’s focused on preventing infants and mothers across the world from dying of preventable causes. Domestically, it’s focused on supporting legislation that improves the quality of early childhood education, as well as the access people have to it.

“We feel like it’s one of the most important issues that’s not talked about,” said E.J. Wallace with SCAN. “90% of the brain is developed by the age of five. 80% by the age of three. And most of the investment our country makes in children happens after their 5th birthday, so children in poverty a lot of times start school behind and don’t catch up. So what we want to do, is have the candidates actually talk about how their going to invest in high quality early learning, how they’ve done it in the past.”

SCAN won’t endorse a candidate, but they do provide detailed information on their website about their priorities, and what each candidate has said regarding early childhood education on the campaign trail. The group has been knocking on doors and standing on the side of streets around Iowa this year, hoping more voters will make early childhood education issues a top priority when they choose a candidate to caucus for.