Save the Children Action Network Urges Seattle City Council to Reconsider Decrease in Early Childhood Education Funding

Media Contact: Allie Wright, [email protected], (202) 794-1823

Seattle, Wash. (June 6, 2018) – Save the Children Action Network President Kris Perry released the following statement today on the Families, Education, Preschool and Promise Levy (Council Bill 119258) currently being considered by the Seattle City Council.

“We are disappointed by the Seattle City Council’s consideration of a decrease in funding for the Seattle Preschool Program and early learning in the Families, Education, Preschool and Promise Levy, when science and common sense tell us the earliest years are the most critical in building a strong foundation for future success. But we understand the need to support the full education continuum.”

“As the city council considers these changes, we urge councilmembers to add any new funding or any funding from additional cost savings back into early learning. Expanding the Seattle Preschool Program will help Seattle achieve the Levy’s goals of closing the opportunity gap and promoting positive educational outcomes for all children in the city. Any additional cuts to the Seattle Preschool Program and early learning must be rejected.”

“We also support the council’s addition of funding for the child care workforce and for homeless child care subsidies.”

“We urge the city council to either pass a resolution or include language in the bill that outlines the planned spending of the Levy’s proceeds, so voters are clear on the critical investments the proposed Levy would include. This will help them be reassured of the City of Seattle’s commitment to the Seattle Preschool Program and early learning in general, which are proven to help children in Seattle have a strong start in life and a bright future.”

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