New Hampshire Has Its First ‘Conversation’ of the 2016 Season

Wednesday signals another early milestone in the 2016 campaign as WMUR-TV in Manchester, N.H., tapes its first “Conversation With the Candidate” — a ritual for those who want to compete in the state’s primary.

Save the Children Action Network is sponsoring this year’s series, which in 2012 was backed by AARP. The show includes an interview and questions from the audience. Mark Shriver, president of the children’s advocacy group, said he hoped the episodes would lead to more discussion in the 2016 campaign of issues like early childhood education.

Most candidates passing through New Hampshire are expected to take part in the series, and the first installment will be broadcast on Friday. The inaugural guest is former Gov. George E. Pataki of New York.

He might not be considered a top-tier Republican contender, but he came in first as far as “Conservation With the Candidate” was concerned.

— Carl Hulse