National Survey: Democratic Primary Voters Want to Hear More from Presidential Candidates on Children’s Issues

Media Contact: Suzanne Arnold, [email protected], 609-610-4957

Washington, D.C. (Sept. 12, 2019) –Today, Save the Children Action Network announced the results of a national survey that identified Democratic primary voters’ desire to hear more from presidential candidates on the issue of access to child care and preschool. The survey, sponsored by Save the Children Action Network and fielded by GQR and TargetPoint, indicated likely Democratic primary voters want candidates to present plans for child care and exhibit a sharper focus on a wide range of children’s issues as their campaigns unfold.

“These 2020 elections carry the potential for a sea of change in federal policy to support many of the most vulnerable in society,” said Mark Shriver, president of Save the Children Action Network. “Save the Children Action Network was founded to fight for children in the political arena. These polling numbers show even among the Democratic field, voters aren’t hearing enough about policies and solutions that focus on lifting up kids and families across America. Whether it’s access to affordable child care, humanely treating kids who cross the southern border, or combatting devastating child poverty that afflicts far too many in our country, it’s time for the presidential candidates to step up and prioritize our youngest generation on the campaign trail. Save the Children Action Network is mobilizing an army of volunteers in the early primary states to make sure voters are heard and that kids get the attention they deserve.”

“The race for the Democratic nomination is very competitive and likely primary voters who are paying close attention to the candidates’ positions feel that access to child care and preschool has remained largely overlooked,” said Dave Walker, senior vice president of GQR. “This survey indicates that Democratic primary voters are actively looking to hear more about candidates’ plans for child care and want to see a sharper focus on a wide range of children’s issues as the campaign unfolds.”

Key Survey Takeaways:

Democratic primary voters have not heard much from the candidates about access to childcare and preschool.

  • A 53% majority say they have heard little (31%) or nothing at all (22%) on these issues.

A 74% majority believe the issues of child care and preschool are important to them as they make up their minds on whom to support in the Democratic presidential primary.

  • Three in four primary voters (74%) also want to hear more about the candidates’ plans on these issues.

 Similarly, 83% want to hear more about the candidates’ plans to solve the crisis at the border and care for children who cross.

  • 90% want to hear more about the candidates’ plans to reduce child poverty across America.

To read Save the Children Action Network’s polling memo click here.

Survey Methodology
The findings are based on results from a study by TargetPoint and GQR conducted on behalf of Save the Children Action Network from September 3-4, 2019. This survey was fielded among n=600 likely Democratic primary voters nationwide and has a margin of error of ±4.0%.


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