Manchester, N.H. Voters Elect 13 Candidates Who Pledged to Prioritize High-Quality Early Learning

Media Contact: Brendan Daly (202.794.1580)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (November 4, 2015) – The New Hampshire co-chairs of the Don’t Wait. Educate. campaign today applauded the election last night of 13 candidates committed to investing in high-quality early learning to the Manchester Board of Aldermen and Board of School Committee.

“We are very pleased that Manchester voters prioritized kids and high-quality early childhood education in these elections,” said Meryl Levin of Manchester, one of the co-chairs. “These candidates pledged to work to increase access to early learning in the community and we are eager to begin working together to make that a reality.”

Two Board of Aldermen races and one School Board race were each decided by less than 110 votes.

“We were pleased that our efforts had such an impact in several close races,” said Campaign Co-Chair Chris Stewart of Manchester, a former School Board member. “We look forward to working closely with all the winning candidates on the Board of Aldermen and School Board to ensure every child in Manchester receives a strong start in life.”

The 13 candidates all signed a statement of principles from SCAN’s Don’t Wait. Educate. campaign pledging to “find ways to allocate funds toward public early childhood education and explore innovative public-private partnerships that can expand access to pre-K throughout Manchester” during their next term in office.

The Don’t Wait. Educate. campaign conducted an unprecedented advocacy campaign for a Manchester city election, sending at least three direct mail pieces in competitive races, making two rounds of paid phone calls, conducting door-to-door canvasses of competitive districts, and touting candidates who signed the state of principles in a paid full-page newspaper advertisement. Additionally, the campaign placed an op-ed in the Union Leader newspaper and ran a radio advertisement that was placed on key news/talk stations during the final few days before the election.

The winning candidates who signed the early learning pledge are:

  • Alderman at Large: Dan O’Neil
  • School Board at large: Nancy Tessier
  • Ward 1: Kevin Cavanaugh, Alderman; Sarah Ambrogi, School Board
  • Ward 3: Patrick Long, Alderman
  • Ward 4: Chris Herbert, Alderman
  • Ward 6: Nick Pappas, Alderman; Dan Bergeron, School Board
  • Ward 7: Ross Terrio, School Board
  • Ward 8: Erika Connors, School Board
  • Ward 11: Normand Gamache, Alderman; Katie Desrochers, School Board
  • Ward 12: Connie Van Houten, School Board

The Don’t Wait. Educate. campaign will continue to advocate for early childhood education after the election.

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