Letters: Proposition EE

As a pediatrician and Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) advocate, my goal is to give every child in Colorado a strong start in life. It is critical that every child grows up healthy, and with access to early learning. That is why I urge Coloradans to vote yes this November on proposition EE, a cigarette, tobacco and nicotine products tax that will be on the ballot.

The benefits of this measure are two-fold. Research shows that taxing these products is the No. 1 most effective way to keep tobacco and nicotine vaping products away from our kids. But additionally, the majority of tax revenue would ultimately be dedicated to a universal preschool program for Colorado. The program would ensure a minimum of 10 hours of free, voluntary preschool to every 4-year-old in Colorado beginning in fall of 2023. This measure would secure nearly $2 billion for universal preschool over 10 years, making Colorado a leader in early learning and one of few states to offer universal preschool.

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