Letter to the editor: Protect kids’ health

As an early learning professional who works with child care providers across Colorado, I see first-hand the incredible impact quality early learning has on a child’s mind, creativity, intellect and development. That is why I am pleased to see that Proposition EE — the Cigarette, Tobacco and Nicotine Products Tax — will be on the November ballot. If passed, this measure would help secure universal preschool in Colorado.

Proposition EEis a win-win for the future of our children. If passed, it would increase taxes on tobacco products and initiate expanded taxes on nicotine products— including vaping products.

But that’s only the start. After the first two years, the majority of tax revenue would then be permanently dedicated to a universal preschool program for Colorado, ensuring a minimum of 10 hours of free, voluntary preschool to every child in Colorado during the last year of preschool. Any additional revenue will support increased access for children with greater needs.

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