Letter: Time for full-day kindergarten

High-quality early education prepares kids for grade school and sets them up for future success. Investing in children early in life prevents the need for more expensive social services later.

As a business owner, I know the smarter decision is to invest in early learning. As a father, I chose to enroll my son in private full-day kindergarten, because the Concord School District offers only a half-day.

I’m fortunate to have the resources to provide that solid foundation of learning for my son, but not all children are so lucky.

In New Hampshire, nearly a third of our kids grow up in low-income families. Children who rely on the public school system need their school board to ensure comprehensive early education, including full-day kindergarten.

Full-day kindergarten is better for kids and the community. It’s time that Concord join the majority of New Hampshire communities that provide full-day kindergarten to all their students. It is the best way to: shrink the opportunity gap between kids from high- and low-earning families, secure our future work force and make Concord a more attractive city to move to.

I urge the Concord School Board to pass a budget that includes full funding for full-day kindergarten when members vote on March 19.