LETTER: ‘Blatant attacks on asylum’ must end

As a parent, and child advocate, I am shocked, saddened and disturbed by our government’s attacks on asylum, particularly with how they are affecting children.

With the adoption of the Migration Protection Protocols (MPP), more commonly referred to as the Remain in Mexico Policy, the U.S. has returned nearly 70,000 asylum seekers and migrants to Mexico to await court dates, which will decide if they can claim asylum in the U.S. More than 13,000 of these returnees are children and nearly 400 of them are infants. In Mexico, these children and their families are forced to live in insecure environments, where acts of violence and crime are often reported.

Children and families have the right to seek asylum under U.S. and international law. Therefore, these blatant attacks on asylum are violating not only migrants’ human rights, but also legal rights.

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