LETTER: Aurora childcare is out of reach to many who need it most

As the grandmother of three grandchildren, I see how expensive childcare has become in recent years, and I am concerned that Aurora families do not have the means to secure quality childcare, even though they must work.

Research tells us that high-quality early learning, including child care, sets kids on a path of success.

But it is extremely difficult for Colorado families to find high-quality child care that is also affordable. The average cost of child care in Colorado for a 4-year-old is a whopping $11,229 annually. That is out of reach for many low and middle income families.

Quality is critical because most of a child’s brain develops in the first few years of life. It’s essential for kids to be in a nurturing, education environment during this time in order to prepare for kindergarten, and beyond. When we invest in the early years of children’s lives, particularly kids living in poverty, we are setting them up for success in school, and into adulthood.

Congress made a promise to double funding for Child Care and Development Block Grants in the budget deal signed by President Trump earlier this year. Please join me in urging Senator Cory Gardner and Senator Michael Bennet to stay true to Congress’ promise, and invest in our children.