Congress Increases Funding to $715 Million For Moms and Kids Around the World

Media Contact: Brendan Daly (202.794.1580)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 15, 2014) — Mark Shriver, president of Save the Children Action Network, today praised the increased funding for global maternal and child survival programs included in fiscal year 2015 funding legislation. American leadership has helped decrease the rate of child and maternal mortality by nearly fifty percent worldwide since 1990, and this increased funding is necessary to continue the progress that has been made.

“Today, Congress made it clear that they will remain a strong partner in the fight to end preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths around the world. Save the Children Action Network applauds the appropriators and Congressional leaders who prioritized investments in maternal and child survival during this challenging budget climate. Their decision to increase funding for these vital programs to the highest level ever allocated reflects an important step toward realizing the achievable goal of ending preventable maternal and child deaths within a generation. These investments in mothers and children will have a great impact on reducing poverty, stimulating economic growth and saving lives.”

“We know how to save lives, yet far too many children and women still die each day from entirely preventable causes such as pneumonia and diarrhea. Congress’ decision to increase overall FY2015 spending for maternal, newborn and child survival and related programs by $10M to $715M is a welcome step. More work needs to be done to save moms and kids around the world from dying of preventable and treatable causes, however. Save the Children Action Network stands ready to work with elected leaders to prioritize bilateral funding in future years, as well as with investors in the private sector to develop innovative funding mechanisms that can accelerate success and end preventable deaths within a generation.”

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