Monthly Archives: March 2019

Raising a voice for children in crisis

Every day, children in the United States and all over the world are waking up to conflict and crisis – both man-made and natural. Crises take kids away from their homes, their schools, their friends, and have serious, lasting consequences.

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Left out to Dry: the Reality of Child Care Deserts

My husband and I thought we were ahead of the game when we called child care facilities before our child was even born. We were shocked to learn that almost every place had a daunting wait list. This is the reality of living in a child care desert. It’s also the reason I’m heading to DC to petition lawmakers to make a change for families.


Children Must Not Be Targets in War

The recent attack on a hospital in Yemen that left 7 dead – including 4 children and 1 health worker – is yet another instance of the horrors children are facing around the world. These atrocities will continue if world leaders do not speak up.


Speaking Up for Kids

Mercedes Hendricks learned about SCAN when she worked on a school project that made the connection between early childhood education and success in college. “This motivated me to get more involved,” she said. “I want all children to get the same fair start that I did.”