Monthly Archives: April 2018

Lawmakers must help working families afford child care

Tax credits tied to child care expenditures can help our families with high costs, but current polices do not meet the needs of many working families in Pueblo and throughout Colorado. Fortunately, a bipartisan bill recently introduced in the state House of Representatives would expand the child care expenses income tax credit, assisting more low-income and middle-income families across the state.

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Colorado House Passes Bill to Make Child Care More Affordable

 Save the Children Action Network President Kris Perry released the following statement today on the Colorado state House of Representatives’ passage of the Expand Child Care Expenses Income Tax Credit bill, HB18-1208, with a 38-26 bipartisan vote. The bill will now be sent to the state Senate for consideration.

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…But What Can You Do?

We often hear “but what can you do?” when talking about issues that matter. As I’ve learned at Save the Children Action Network, there is a lot you can do.