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The Concord Monitor

My Turn: Full-day kindergarten is a good investment for Concord

As a life-long resident of Concord, a parent, and a homeowner, I strongly support the Concord School Board’s efforts to fully fund full-day kindergarten programs in the budget this year. Not only would providing a full day of kindergarten to each child in Concord be a strong economic decision for our city – it would provide more children with an equal opportunity to succeed.

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Advocacy 101 Toolkit

This toolkit describes the many ways in which we at SCAN influence our elected officials on the issues we care about and includes specific examples and templates you can use in your advocacy efforts.

Recruitment 101

Learn to incorporate recruitment into every action you take with SCAN and give your club a membership boost with these helpful tips.

Fall Recruitment Toolkit

Fall is a great time to recruit new Student Ambassadors and club members. Check out this toolkit for tips on how to capitalize on this time of year.